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SiR Tuned Stock Turbo GT-R

Posted by Bill Guthrie on

We are happy to be a part in this record setting build. 

Along with our friends at Billet Design and Superior Auto Design, This stock turbo GT-R features parts from SiR and Billet Design, and was built by Marco @ Billet Design. 

The Intakes, Intercoolers and Piping, and Race Exhaust System are all Custom Fabricated parts from Billet Design.  The Engine was rebuilt by Marco with Billet Spec parts, including CP Pistons and Tomei Cams. The Transmission has been upgraded using SiR parts and installed at Billet. The fuel system is from SiR.

Superior did a great job doing the Orange body wrap and full custom interior (It looks even better in person ;) ) It is running Strasse 20" front wheels and Enkei 18" Rears with Nitto tires. 

The goal from the beginning was a fast, reliable, consistent street car, not a record setting build.  But the 1st pass down the track was 2 hundredths from the 1/4 mile record, we figured why not go for it. 

So friday night we head to the track with some new Traction Control Algorithms using the Stock EcuTek flashed ECU, and set out for a run. 

The result, a 4 out of 4 back to back passes in the 9.60s with a best of 9.66 at 142 mph, good enough for the Quickest Stock Turbo GT-R

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