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SiR USM Gen 2 Turbo Upgrade

SiR USM Gen 2 Turbo Upgrade

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SiR USM Turbo Upgrade


  • SiR USM Billet Turbochargers SiR IHI Based journal bearing turbo upgrade

Optional Items

  • GTC Inlets
  • Upgraded Wastegate Actuators

They are capable of over 155mph in the 1/4 mile and over 1050whp on a DynoJet with race/E85 fuel and supporting modifications.

The turbos are recommended for customers looking for 800-1000whp on E85/Race fuel.  

If you are looking for maximum power on 93 octane for your stock engine, this is your turbo choice. 

If you are looking for a nice, easy to install turbo upgrade for your GT-R, the USM is an excellent choice.  

Spool is approximately 250rpm slower than OEM turbos on a 3.8L

**NOTE** Requires a $1500 refundable core fee, or send in your a set of OEM turbos

2-3 Week Lead Time 

Cost is + $1500 Core fee

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