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Gotboost 3"inch Intake System

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Gotboost 3" Inch intakes.  The best intake on the market for a number of reasons
  1. Easy to install. No bumper removal is necessary. Filters are sized to easily fit through the radiator cooling panel without destroying them. Ease of filter install/removal means an owner is likely to clean/service their air cleaners. Filter systems that require bumper removal probably don’t get the regular interval servicing of the air filter elements they require.
  2. Proper MAF orientation with relation to bends.
  3. One piece aluminum mandrel bent tubing.
  4. Mounting bracket to firmly stabilize intake tube.
  5. Show quality welds. fitment, and finish.
  6. Silicone couplers with stainless steel clamps.
  7. Easy to tune for your tuner…(MAF re-calibration is necessary, easily done via e-tune)
  8. Awesome performance and sound.
  9. 100% Made in the USA
  10. Fully tested with Cobb canned 3″ intake maps available for free download

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