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Boostlogic Ultimate Race Intercooler

Boostlogic Ultimate Race Intercooler

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The Boost Logic Ultimate Race Intercooler is our largest intercooler for the GTR and is by far the largest on the market today. Rated for over 2000whp, this intercooler has significantly more airflow than other race intercoolers which allows for an induction system with little to no restrictions and less lag. Along with a much larger size, we use our tight fin cores which provide a much greater surface area for the air to contact. This results in an unparalleled cooling effect. This Ultimate Race Intercooler requires NO cutting of the bumper beam, clears all factory undertrays, clears all the factory wheel well plastics, and has a perfect OEM fitment.


  • Largest Core On The Market
  • 6″ x 21″ x 17″
  • 3″ inlet & Outlets
  • NO Cutting Of The Bumper Beam
  • Clears All Undertrays & Plastics

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